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When important things happen in life, each person has its own, individual way to remember them.
Ever since I can think, I remember special events, if they are connected to an emotional experience, when they are involving, passionating, exciting and thrilling… and that is the reason why I am always searching for experiences in my life that allow me to revive this special moments that have the power to remain forever in my memory.
So what makes your wedding day to an unforgettable moment?
Which emotions do you feel, which scents do you smell, which sounds do you hear and which images appear in your minds while you dream of the day that will become your everlasting moment?

Often it is not easy to describe with words what makes a special moment so particular and which feelings cannot miss in order that the special instant is not just the result of putting together services, things and persons but makes it become a real emotional journey.
Every wedding, every event, every person is different and therefore each of us has different feelings and perceptions. My aim is to take you on a sensory journey, to listen to you, to understand you, to dream together with you and to organize your whole trip in order to transform it into a sensational sensory experience… from the very first meeting up to the day when the journey gets to its highest point.
Your style, your taste, your personality… all this makes your event and your wedding day to a forever lasting memory!

There is no time like right now

I would be pleased if we can undertake this journey together
creating your very special moment.