Wedding flowers: why are they the most valuable accessory?

wedding flowers - Photo by EmotionTTL

I write this article in a winter month because receiving in these days – a little gray and seemingly endless – a bouquet of flowers, perhaps hyacinths, accompanied by some kind written word by a loved one, makes you smile and warm your heart. I once read a sentence which cited that the paradise is made of only 3 things: the stars, flowers and children.
Somehow I find myself in this quote, especially when talking about the wedding day. Which bride does not get emotionalized seeing a child crossing the aisle in church strewing flower petals? Which bride does not dream of a romantic photo capturing her along with her husband under a starry night sky?
I – as eternal romantic person- definitely do!
Among the three things, flowers are one of the most important details on the wedding day as the bouquet for example, can be considered for all purposes a real accessory for the bride.

We do not know the language of flowers … but smiling back at them while admiring their beauty we can express our gratitude for the joy they give us.Andrea Matiz - Listberger

Floral details for the perfect centerpiece

A table full of important candelabrum, decorated with precious stones containing napkins with gorgeous designs can be decorated with simple and classic floral arrangements in order to give more prominence to other accessories. It is also indicated to choose soft, neutral colors for an important table to avoid overloading.
A board all white instead, essential and minimal gives the opportunity to the newlyweds to create a floral setting with vibrant colors, flashy and important. It offers the opportunity to “play” with the most spectacular shapes and choose maybe high centerpieces, impressive and important ones, opting for flowers like peonies, hydrangea and orchids.
In any case and whatever choice you will take, the flowers of the centerpieces are not just a “decoration” for the table, but will make smile your guests and delight them with their scent. Keep it on mind!


A “all white” table with a perfume of olive and eucalyptus and some single soft colored roses…
perfection often lies in simplicity!
Photo by Daniela Porwol, Flower design by Il Bouquet – Trieste

The perfect flowers for the bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is the most important accessory because it “supports” the wedding dress. It therefore seems obvious that in this case, if the dress is particularly elaborated, it is best to choose a simple bouquet with white flowers. Otherwise, you can choose rich floral arrangements to match the most classic and traditional clothing.
The thing that seems to me more important in any case, is, that the bouquet does not take away too much attention of the wedding dress, but completes it in a certain way. The bouquet will accompany you throughout the whole wedding day and is therefore one of the most precious accessories… choose it carefully and treat it with respect. After many years of marriage, I have mine still at home… dried and stored lovingly in a large vase. Every day that my eyes fall on it, it reminds me that day many years ago and the joy and memories come back for a moment and make me smile. A reaction that only flowers can cause.


The bridal bouquet… the most important accessory that accompanys you throughout the whole wedding day!
Photo by EmotionTTL, FLower Design by Il Bouquet – Trieste

Flowers and the bridal hairstyle

In recent years, many brides, in addition to the bouquet, also choose to embellish the bridal hairstyle with a single flower or – the more bucolic brides – a crown made of wild flowers. It’s a nice, elegant and particular way to express your personality and give a classy touch to your wedding outfit. Here, too, for me the rule of “less is more” is definitely the right choice. If you already have a bridal gown with rich details, embroidery and stones, do better not abound with flowers in your hair, while the brides with very simple dresses can dare a little more.


A flower can make the difference and give that “something special” to the bridal hairstyle
Photo by EmotionTTL, Flower Design by La Pintadera – Trieste

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