Watch out for this 3 amazing Italian wedding locations


Each couple is different and every love and relationship has its own special characteristics.
That ‘s why everyone of us imagines and dreams his/her wedding day in a different and single way.
There are couples that dream about a romantic wine wedding in a winery in Italy and there are some brides and grooms that imagine themselves in a luxury yacht club with modern style and more stylish details. And then there are brides that dream of being a princess in a fairytale on their big day and therefore choose a marvelous castle at the sea side to crown their love.
Well, I could write a thousands of words on how beautiful the region Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy is and describe all those single wedding venues that you can find here that are gorgeous settings for your most important day. But today I chose to just present you 3 videos and let judge yourself which type of location you prefer. Enjoy watching and indulge yourself in a marvellous wedding-journey!

Beauty lies in the eye of the bride and groom Andrea Listberger Matiz

Wine wedding

Are you dreaming of a wine wedding in Italy? Then have a look at this unique wedding venue by clicking on the picture below!


Pic by EmotionTTL

Luxury Yacht Club Wedding

You are in love with the Mediterranean sea and imagine yourself in a luxury ambiance, surrounded by elegant and modern design elements during your wedding day? Then this place is definitely the right one for you. Fall in love with it by clicking the picture below and enjoy the video!


Pic by Daniela Porwol

Romantic fairy tale castle wedding

Are you dreaming of a real royal and princess-like fairytale wedding in Italy in a gorgeous castle at the seaside? Then you have to absolutely visit this marvelous wedding venue. Just click on the image below and start watching your castle-wedding-dream.


Pic by EmotionTTL

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