Professional wedding photographer: 3 hints how to find the right one

Wedding photography is all about emotion

As a wedding planner I get to know a lot of different persons with different cultural backgrounds, personal stories and very original experiences.
But when it comes to get married in Italy, quite all of you choose this country because you are in a certain kind of way „in love“ with it.
Some of you love the seaside and cannot imagine to get married anywhere else if not in Venice, at the Amalfi Coast or in a castle facing the sea or a luxury beach club in Sardinia. Others love the Italian wine and dream of their wedding day on a winery in Tuscany, Piemonte or the Friuli-Venezia Giulia area.
When I start to plan a wedding with any couple, one of the first suggestions that I give is to hire a professional wedding photographer because besides your memories as a couple, the one thing that remains after your wedding day is over are the pictures. You can save money on other details of your wedding, but definitely not on the photographer.

“A real good wedding photographer should capture your love by shooting what it feels like.”Andrea Matiz Listberger

Here are 3 reasons how to make sure you choose the perfect wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy:

1. Settle a Style

The choice of the wedding photographer is a very personal one as all of them are artists and each of them has their own style, eye for details and preferences. What are you looking for? Documentary, Fine Art, Portraiture,….?
I will suggest you Italian wedding photographers that offer different types of style and are all individual in their style and their way of telling the story of your most important day.
My suggestion to you is, that when you are looking at photos of different photographers, you should be very attentive on the first impact that these pictures have on you. If there is an immediate reaction of any kind – positive or negative – this could be a very good reason why choosing rather one artist than another. Also the design of the photographer’s website may have clues about the personality and sensibility of the artist.

2. Be sure your personalities match

When you have identified some preference, the next most important step to select your wedding photographer is definitely that you feel at ease with him/her. When you get in contact, writing an email or talking on the phone/skype, pay attention if the person on the other side makes you feel comfortable, understood and if you vibe with him or her. Be aware, that this person will immortalate you, your family and your friends and be aside you the whole day, so it is vital that you trust this person and feel at your ease by having him/her around. Another characteristic of a professional photographer is for me, that he/she has to ask lots of questions and be good listeners.

3. Get a contract

Yes, I know it may seem obvious, but there are still many wedding photographers that work without any written agreement. That is an absolute no-go.
All of the wedding photographers I am working with sign a written agreement with their clients indicatin every single detail like the number of photographers on your wedding day, the hours that are covered, which services are included, the time to get back the photo proofs after your wedding, the payment deadlines, what happens if…. and and and.
This is an extremely important part when hiring a wedding pro as it is an guarantee as well for you as for him and everybody knows what to expect.

I personally like working on the field with all of my wedding vendors in order to understand better how they work and what it is like to do their job. That makes me understand better single issues and I can then improve the cooperation with them, because I see a wedding with their eyes and I can put myself better in their position. Therefore, not a long time ago, I spent some time with one of my preferred photographers shooting a pre-wedding shoot in Duino, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy and this are the pictures that came out while shooting a wedding planner that was shooting 🙂

Until we connect again, I wish you all the best!


professional wedding photographer
professional wedding photographer
professional wedding photographer

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