2 amazing color palettes that make your wedding unique


Is gold the right color for my wedding?

Who doesn’t love the color gold? You do and you are sure that it is one of your wedding colors?
But you are not sure about which other colors match perfectly with gold? I want to share 2 gold color pallets and some tips with you. A mistake that is committed often when planning a wedding based on a color, is, to choose too many colors for defining the style of the event. A good rule is to choose between two and four colors that go well together and stick to your personality. Using only a few colors throughout the wedding decorations you create a „whole“ picture and all single elements will fit perfectly. Furthermore, you can avoid in this way to make look too messy single aspects. If you are not sure about only 2 to 4 colors choose slightly varieties of shades of the same tone.

Does the color gold fit with all your wedding details?

Look at the location you have chosen or that you dream of thinking about how the color gold can be implemented in the venue and if it fits. If you find a venue with no predominant color, gold can be a good idea. A venue with strong colors that do not fit with gold can cost you a lot more money trying to cover them or in any case distract from what does not fit with gold. Reflect about components that you already know you don’t want to miss on your wedding day. If for instance the candle holders in a certain color have to be there absolutely on your wedding table, be sure that they won’t contrast with the color gold. Do that before defining a color palette in order to avoid to have to change completely idea when you are already half way.

Which atmosphere and style do you wish to create?

Be also aware of the mood you want to create for your big day. Do you wish to create a glamorous or more relaxed vibe? Choose or a combination of ruby red and black and gold or go with light pastels. The choice of the combination of colors will set the style and atmosphere of your event.

Soft gold color palette for your glam wedding

Gold since ever is a color that stands for elegance and sophisticated, luxury style. It is also true that it is a very warm and intensive color and therefore you have to use it with care. If you are a rather shy and discrete person and you do not like strong colours like dark purple, emerald green, red, rose pink or dark blue and you wish a more soft and „quiet“ style for your big day, you could choose some pale green and brown that can look charming together with gold and create a breathtaking wedding. But don’t focus only on those shades in order to avoid a depressing mood and put some highlights in your decoration with some brighter color.


Pic by EmotionTTL

Pastell-gold color palette for your romantic wedding

Red and gold are wonderful together, but they also remind holiday or winter season. The same may happen with some shades of blue. If you think about the colors you find in nature during fall you might opt for a combination of orange and gold. Anyway, in order to avoid evoking feelings of seasons, opting for colors like purple and gold, emerald green and gold, and rose pink and gold is definitely the right way. These colors look all great together. If choosing some stronger colors you also may opt to keep the flowers in simple white with some purple and rose pink and then implement the „golden touch“ with candle holders or elegant white porcellaine with gold trim.

Are you convinced now using the color gold for your wedding? If you are not sure yet and need some help for finding the right style of your wedding, I would be glad to be by your side and help you. Just get in touch with me!

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